Oregon Inlet Fishing

For the last few Oregon Inlet Fishing Events we have had some issues beyond our control ( weather, mechanical problems, etc) but this Memorial Day event provided our Warriors with all you could ask for.
All the Warriors (24)arrived on the 26th  on time and we had an excellent dinner at Harris’s Steakhouse and an exceptional social hour with everyone enjoying the the camaraderie to the fullest. 
We gathered for breakfast at 2:30AM on Memorial Day with everyone excited about the upcoming off-shore fishing event.

The weather was great with three foot seas rolling 11 seconds apart and the fishing was excellent!
The Big Eye Tuna were hot and we caught 11 of them with the biggest weighing in at 159 lbs. We also harvested Black Fin Tuna, Dolphin and an assortment of other fish with over 1500lbs of fish being cleaned.
We thank the Captains and Owners of the A Salt Weapon, Outer Limits, Phideaux and Stolat for providing our Warriors with a wonderful fishing experience on this Memorial Day.

On Memorial Day we always remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and these Warriors will remember an unbelievable fishing trip also.
God Bless our Military and all who serve.

2017 Chockley – Bullseye Turkey Hunt

The 2017 Chockley – Bullseye Turkey Hunt is in the books. The event was special for all who were there. The Chockleys always put on a great event. The wind was howling, making the hunting tough, but all the Warriors were able to see Turkey’s in full STRUT. Unfortunately they were not able to bring them in close enough to bag one . Sometimes just being out there is enough.

Thanks again to the Chockleys for providing Combat Warriors with a quality event!