Below are a few personal stories from Combat Warriors participants describing their experiences and explaining what the organization has meant to them.

“I didn’t know it, but I really needed to hang out with combat veterans, wake up in the dark, patrol through a muddy field, set up a shooting position, and wait quietly, talking or not, waiting to shoot ducks. It is hard to get comfortable with civilians, but it was very relaxing to hunt ducks with guys who understand what I went through in combat.”

Ed S.

“You got me back in the woods and water after my injuries that sidelined me and I will forever be grateful. I look forward to every event, not just for the event itself, but for the time spent with other service members and all the patriots of your organization.”

Andrew Y.

“I don’t know how many veterans I have talked to that have told me that they used to hunt but don’t anymore because of deployments, PCS moves, and no one will let them use their property for hunting. You and the sponsors have set up a great program that gives new and old hunters a great opportunity to share hunting stories, overseas experiences and the thrill of the hunt.”

Joseph D.

“It was a huge step for me to get back out on the water and also be in a social environment around other people that I don’t know at all. That opportunity was, in a way, life-changing and is still a memory that I think about to this day because it was so successful on many levels.”

Matt L.

“I was quite angry with my military career ending and recovering from some very severe wounds, and participating in events with Combat Warriors has been a big part of my recovery and therapy. As you know I can’t hit a flying duck to save my life, but the time spent with good people in a duck blind and in the lodge is the real therapy.”

Trevor P.

“When I arrived at the duck hunt, I met some of the most genuine, down to earth men I’ve ever met. Not once did my injuries or medical condition come up in conversation. Not once did I hear them say, ‘are you sure you can do this?’ For the entire weekend all I heard from them was, ‘you can do this,’ ‘good shot,’ ‘come on Dean, you’re going with us.’ Before I knew it, all those doctors’ voices were gone from my mind completely. These gentlemen showed me that ‘I could’ instead of ‘I can’t.’”

Dean I.