Embro Deer Hunt

The members of the Embro Hunt Club provided 8 Warriors with a great experience. Extremely high winds made it very tough for the hounds to run the deer, but the camaraderie and enjoyment was standard as it is at all Combat Warrior events.  The warriors were able to experience a new way of pursuing deer and enjoy the great food and fellowship that the Embro Hunt Club always offers.  A big thank you to the members and supporters of the Embro Hunt Club who have been a supporter of Combat Warriors for years.  And, as always, thank you to our Warriors who give us the freedom to spend weekends like this together.



2017 Chockley – Bullseye Turkey Hunt

The 2017 Chockley – Bullseye Turkey Hunt is in the books. The event was special for all who were there. The Chockleys always put on a great event. The wind was howling, making the hunting tough, but all the Warriors were able to see Turkey’s in full STRUT. Unfortunately they were not able to bring them in close enough to bag one . Sometimes just being out there is enough.

Thanks again to the Chockleys for providing Combat Warriors with a quality event!

Quilt Fundraiser

Combat Warriors would like to say a huge "thank you" to Heather Gordon (pictured center) who made us this amazing quilt. The quilt has been on display at Big Ed's City Market downtown Raleigh with raffle tickets being sold to support Combat Warriors. The drawing was held and Donna Strickland (pictured far right) was the lucky winner of the quilt. Donna has chosen to donate the quilt back to Combat Warriors for future use. Thanks so much Heather and Donna and also thanks to Sandy Gordon and Judi Bitner who also had a hand in making the quilt. In the end, the quilt raised $3,130 for Combat Warriors and thanks to Donna Strickland it's not done yet! Thank you to everyone involved!!