6th Annual Dewitt's Outdoor Sports - Family Pheasant Throw

The 6th annual pheasant throw at Dewitt's Outdoor Sports was a blast for everyone involved. We ended up having 147 people, including lots of spouses and kids. We were very excited to see new faces that have not attended the event in years past. Lots of kids and spouses fired shotguns for the first time and actually got birds. The 5 stand was a big hit to the point that, at 5 PM, we had to go tell everyone that it was time to head home. There were 400 birds total and 360 were recovered and sent home with the families for excellent table fare.  That is a record for the amount of birds recovered from our events at Dewitt's. There was also a bounce house in case the younger kids weren't into the shooting but even the smallest of the bunch were eager for some time on the gun. As always, the event was well supported by our many partners and we would like to thank all who gave to make this event possible.  The food, shooting, and fellowship between families was first class.  This event is the pinnacle of what Combat Warriors is about.  We want to give our service members an avenue to get outdoors, raise their children in that environment, and spend quality time in a relaxed setting with their families and others.  We ask so much of our warriors.  They spend countless days, weeks, months, and years away from those they love the most to protect this great nation and keep us safe and free.  The least we can do is try to add quality family experiences to their lives while they are home.  If events like these help just one family to relax and get back to "normal" during stressful times, then it is a win in our book.  We look forward to Dewitt's Pheasant Throw again next year and the many other events we have coming up in 2018.  It's going to be a great year for Combat Warriors.  Click on the photo below to scroll through the photos from the event.