Mike S.

I am a senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army. I was wounded in Iraq in 2005 due to a gunshot wound through my left arm and chest. I have recovered from the majority of my wounds; however, I have been left with a paralyzed left hand among a few other issues. This is the third year that I have been fortunate enough to go on a Combat Warriors hunt. I did not hunt when I was growing up and being involved with Combat Warriors has not only helped develop my passion for hunting and conservation, but also help provide me with the tools to pass this on to my son. The last two years, I took many things away from the hunt I was on. I have built friendships and shared common experience with other combated wounded veterans.

With as much as I took away from my previous experiences with Combat warriors, this year’s experience has been even more fulfilling for me. This year I was able to bring other combat wounded veterans from my unit to experience a Combat Warriors event. In bringing a fellow soldier to experience a Combat Warriors hunt for the first time, I truly gained an appreciation for the Combat Warriors model for helping our nations combat veterans. At each hunt there are junior service members and more senior soldiers, recently injured warriors who are still actively recovering, as well as warriors who are several years removed from their wounds and have experienced the recovery process, Soldiers & Marines who are still learning to deal with the dark times that accompany their experiences, as well as those that have faced down their own demons and can share their journey in order to mentor others.

I have seen firsthand the healing effects on Soldiers and Marines that Combat Warriors provides with these incredible hunts. It is very humbling to see the communities come together in support of Combat Warriors in honoring our nations veterans.

Thank you, Combat Warriors!