Joseph D.

First let me thank you, Combat Warriors, the sponsors, and everyone that offered up their time, guns, money, homes and property for this great hunting experience. I was fortunate enough to participate in two great deer hunts: one in Mebane, NC and the other in Louisburg, NC. Both locations offered great support to veterans in a time when many soldiers don’t have time or property to hunt on. I don’t know how many veterans I have talked to that have told me that they used to hunt but don’t anymore because of deployments, PCS moves, and no one will let them use their property for hunting. You and the sponsors have set up a great program that gives new and old hunters a great opportunity to share hunting stories, overseas experiences and the thrill of the hunt. Your staff supplied everything to the hunters that participated in this program for a no worries weekend where soldiers could concentrate on the hunt and not what they forgot. I look forward to have the privilege of hunting with the Combat Warriors program in the future and will highly recommend the hunts to my Soldiers.

I have a busy schedule but would like to support the Combat Warriors program in the future and give back to the program. So if you are shorthanded or just need help, send me a email or give me a call and I will do my best to support.