This was my first year participating in Combat Warrior events. I am stationed in Virginia and was fortunate enough that my younger brother, stationed at Fort Bragg, talked to you guys and was able to invite me on one of the fishing trips out of Oregon Inlet. I have since gone on another fishing trip and a duck hunt with Combat Warriors. The biggest take away from Combat Warriors for me is the opportunity I have been given to spend time with my brother on these trips. Between deployments, training, and our own families, it is hard for us to get together, even though we are only four hours from each other. Combat Warriors has given us the ability to see each other and spend quality time together. Being given that opportunity is priceless and irreplaceable. The other big take away is being able to get outdoors and in nature and to be surrounded by people who get it. Only guys who get it will know what I am talking about. Being around that caliber of men and to feel that kind of camaraderie is something that I will strive to pay back to Combat Warriors by getting the word out about this great program.

I can’t thank Combat Warriors enough and the guys for their great support.